Corporate Responsibility

Ethics and Governance

We operate our business with the highest level of integrity and accountability, using the Verizon Credo to provide clear direction for our actions every day.

Ethics and Governance

Our Conduct

Given our global reach and extensive supply chain, it is imperative that we conduct business responsibly and ethically, maintaining our reputation for trust and integrity wherever we operate.

  • Our Code of Conduct protects customer information
  • The Supplier Code of Conduct guides business partners
  • Our Human Rights Statement follows broad UN principles
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Our Leadership Committee manages corporate responsibility activities across the company. It:

  • Establishes benchmarks and goals; assigns and enforces accountability
  • Tracks results for corporate responsibilty initiatives
  • Reports directly to the company's chairman and chief executive officer
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Ethics and Compliance

Verizon provides a robust lineup of resources to help employees raise questions or concerns and get information about ethical matters, policies, procedures and applicable laws. All inquries are confidential. Resources include:

  • VZ Ethics and EEO GuideLine
  • Dedicated environmental and safety hotlines
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Engaging Stakeholders

We maintain an open, continual dialogue with a wide range of people — consumers, seniors, educators, elected officials, law enforcement, minorities, rural constituents, veterans and others — who are important to our business. Outreach efforts include:

  • A consumer advisory board to deliver unfiltered feedback
  • New consumer and sustainability roundtables
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