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Reaching More People Who Need Help

Health IT can help provide access to healthcare for underserved children - more quickly and cost-effectively

Reaching More People Who Need Help
Family visit to the Children's Health Fund center in the South Bronx, NY

Nurse Practitioner Wendy Quinones is port of Children's Health Fund group serving low-income families in New York City. Her group provides disadvantaged children with preventive care, as well as diagnosis and management of chronic diseases such as asthma and obesity. Families also have access to oral and mental health services. And in 2013, our cutting-edge technology helped Quinones and her colleagues reach more people by upgrading the group's electronic health records system.

"It has been invaluable to have this level of connectivity, to be able to see a patient's full record," said Quinones. "Sometimes we encounter patients for the first time, but they're actually not new to the system. Now we don't have to build a record from scratch. The effort involved in piecing one together is time-consuming, costly and requires a lot of phone calls bock and forth to the main office."

For all the patients ond providers in the program, the technology makes it all seamless. 'Whether we see a child in the mobile clinic or at the clinic in the shelter, the records can move along, be available and be updated more quickly and much more efficiently," said Quinones.

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